And now, Springtime in Chicago!

Ozark Beauty strawberry

Vernal equinox in Chicago was ushered in today by a perigee “super” moon and morning thunder showers. The strawberries and roses I transplanted early in the week are loving this weather and already showing signs of growth. Aside from those plantings I won’t be doing much upstairs until I get back from Portland, OR. SO anxious to get my hands dirty on April 2nd when I get back- better late than never.

Gives me time to find a source for organic granular all-purpose fertilizer. Probably go with FoxFarm or a vegetarian fert. Any suggestions out there?



As promised, here’s a quick rundown of yesterday’s Family Farmed Expo. When we arrived Dale Levitsky of Sprout Restaurant was giving a demonstration and treating the audience to samples. Samples was a theme for the day, with nearly every table offering small treats. Picked up a free pack of heirloom okra from Chicago Botanic Garden’s table and Chipotle was giving out coupons for free soup. We sampled some tasty spicy arugula sprouts. Must start sprouting!

Baker's Creek heirloom okra "Vidrine's Midget Cowhorn"










The Kids Corner was busy with young’ns playing with fluffy little chicks. We wanted to play with the chickens too but it wouldn’t have looked good for us adults to be displacing the curious kids!

Came across adverts for several upcoming regional green and gardening events:

If you know of an upcoming Chicagoland/regional event or green/food/gardening related giveaway, please feel welcome to comment here or message me.

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