Unconventional planters and trays

When my seeding and sprouting turned into a major operation last week, I needed all the containers and space I could find to accommodate them. Yesterday I needed somewhere to put my fiber pots where they wouldn’t blow away in the wind when I start hardening them off outside. Here’s the solution: an inexpensive shoe rack from Ikea. Perfect fit!

I even have a boot tray that fits under the shoe rack perfectly to catch drips. If I can just remember where I put it!

As for seed trays, the “clam shells” or plastic tubs that salad greens are sold in work perfectly. They all have lids to keep in moisture and warmth during germination, they let in optimal sunlight, and are reusable. Perfect for sprouting are germinating seeds that don’t mind being transplanted. I keep a baby green mix going at all times in a large clam shell and just cut what I need.

This clam shell happens to be growing Asian mesclun greens from Renee’s Garden Seeds.

Looking for other planter ideas? One of my favorite sources for inspiration is Urban Gardens. Check out the amazingly creative planter ideas!

Finally, an update on the Japanese Shishito pepper seeds I ordered from Kitazawa Seed Co. As  you can see they are thriving and the germination rate is quite high. So far only 1 out of 11 hasn’t sprouted. Have you ever had Shishitos? Look for them in Japanese restaurants where they are often flash fried in oil and garlic. Very mild, tons of smoky flavor, and a much more exciting appetizer than the standard edamame. Japanese grocers usually carry them.


4 responses to “Unconventional planters and trays

  1. Hi, just noticed your blog during a search. I just ordered shishito peppers as well online. Are you planning to just grow them in the plastic containers or eventually transplant them into something bigger (like maybe an Earthbox) ?

    • Shishitos are so delicisious! Flash fried in oil and garlic, wow! I’m attempting to grow them in EarthBoxes this year, although the wind up on the rooftop is really taking its toll on the seedlings. I may grow a few in plastic containers as well so I can move them in and out on windy days. Where did you order your seeds? How will you grow them? I had really good germination with the packet I bought.

  2. I had the seeds germinate but didn’t have an EB free to plant them in so just planted them in a generic container. now I am thinking that maybe I should have planted them in an EB after all. How are yours doing ? I ordered my seeds from the kitazawa seed company as well.

  3. My EB seedlings were hit by rough weather and didn’t survive. By the time my next seedlings were ready to plant, I ran out of EB planters and also planted them in regular containers. I just bought another packet of seeds (this time from a local Asian grocery) and will try them in an EB again. With that said, my few shishitos left seem to be doing well and I’m guessing they’ll have buds within the next week or two.

    How are you fertilizing your generic containers? I decided to try adding a “pocket” of fertilizer down in the center of the pot, similar to what EB suggests for theirs. Keep me posted on your success.

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