Hello, from …all over the place

I try to write a “Seedlings” blog at least bi-weekly, in which I list local gardening and green events. Well, I haven’t been in Chicago enough recently to even know what’s going on much less have time to write the post. I’ll be back in town shortly and hopefully can catch up… unless anybody wants to guest blog?

Until then, I’m checking in from my hotels in Novi and Lansing, Michigan. Didn’t want you all to forget about me. Who knows what I’ll find when I get back to Chicago.  I’m pretty sure the wind and rain will have stripped away all signs of unattended life from my rooftop. I’m contemplating building a greenhouse/hothouse structure up there. Or maybe I should just give in to nature and start specializing in rooftop-hardy sun and wind-resistant plants. I’ll keep ya posted.

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