Here’s what’s growing June 20, 2011

The ridiculous spring winds that ravished the first batch of seedlings seem to be calming as Summer arrives… and that would be tomorrow. The second planting is very hardy, blooming, and in some cases, fruiting. Adequate rain and heat have actually made for a nice final few weeks of Spring. Here’s a peek…






The end of an otherwise cloudy day on “Juneteenth”








The first Opalkas, now about 1″ long.








Not entirely convinced this is a “dwarf” variety of gray peas.








Kind of a sad little Ozark crop this year, but they had a rough spring.








Cilantro from seed in a matter of weeks. I hereby endorse this as another wind-friendly crop that can endure abuse.






The cuke, zucchini and squash plants have been nothing to write home about, but all tomatoes (Stupice, Kellogg’s Breakfast and Opalka) are now thick stemmed and blooming.

6 responses to “Here’s what’s growing June 20, 2011

  1. Cilantro looks amazing! I wish we had some bunnies to feed it to 😦

  2. Everything looks awesome! Can’t believe you have tomatoes already! I have flowers but that’s about all other than a few strawberries and lots of green onions.

    • I’d like to try green onions but I wonder:
      a) do they do ok in containers?
      b) do they quickly grow beyond their prime eating size?
      c) do they grow ok from seed or do they do better from sets?
      We eat so many green onions, it would make sense to grow them.

      Anyway, would love to see/read your garden updates. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Green onions are so easy – we just plant sets really close together – then all summer try and pick every other onion to use for green onions – letting the other ones grow larger. Last year we had fresh green onions from June – October. Didn’t end up with many large onions for cooking in the end, but lots of nice sized ones for canning in chow! I don’t see why they wouldn’t do well in containers. I also planted garlic the same way this year – haven’t tried any yet but heard that “green” garlic is really good. Oh, and I did find my first tomato today – only about 1/4 inch, but at least they are starting!

  4. Good onion tips. Thanks!

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