Rooftop Insects… From Whence Do You Come?

The veggies may be green now, but they’d be dust without my watering, fertilizing and staking. But proof of self-sustaining life appeared today… insects!

Four stories up I saw two baby brown grasshoppers, a green leafhopper, and a small beetle. Hopefully they’re native and arrived on a gust of wind rather than in a bag of potting mix. Too bad leafhoppers are sap-suckers. But no matter, they’re here and I’m taking it as a sign that pollinators will soon follow. I haven’t seen a single bee or butterfly, so I’m thankful the plants are fruiting regardless. Roses are blooming- no hummingbirds. If you plant it, they will come?

Leafhopper photo courtesy of Aileen002

4 responses to “Rooftop Insects… From Whence Do You Come?

  1. Attracting pollinators so high is something I constantly struggle with. Plants that produce single flowers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc, are fine with wind pollination so I don’t worry about those. It’s the plants that produce separate male and female flowers, cukes & melons, that have been giving me trouble. I’ve been trying hand pollination to improve results, but so far it hasn’t gone that well.

    • Elaine, I completely agree. I had enough trouble trying to get cuke and zucchini pollination on the ground when I had a yard garden. I suppose it has much to do with urban living and there not being enough flora to support large numbers of pollinators (and on top of that, the mass bee die out). Let me know if you have any success with them this year and any tips for pollination. Your website is rich with content and I love the “Sh*t Burger Edition”. Mind if I add you to my blog roll?

      • Absolutely! Welcome to the world of rooftop gardening. As soon as I have any pollination tips that actually work I’ll be happy to pass them along lol!

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