Update re: New Urban Grower Chicago Store

Just a quick update this morning before heading out to Taste of Chicago. I was contacted yesterday by the folks at the new Urban Grower store on North Ave. They will not be having their grand opening until mid July. If you marked June 28th on your calendar, scratch that and check their website for updates. They are only having a soft opening this week. Hey, can we get in on that?

Here’s my completely unsolicited wish list for their rooftop supply stock. Anybody care to add anything?

  • Happy Frog potting mix
  • Fox Farm granular fertilizers
  • Regional native seeds
  • Micro irrigation supplies
  • Cold frame kits
  • Vermicomposters

Hope you don’t mind that our gardening fantasies are running wild at your expense, UGC. It’s just that those of us in Wicker Park are thrilled to have an alternative to that gigantic orange store right down the road from you. Best wishes on your GRAND opening!

One response to “Update re: New Urban Grower Chicago Store

  1. Thanks for the support, WR! You are more than welcome to come in and check out the store this week-

    We have a few of the items you requested, already in stock. We have been trying to source quality/price effective cold frames and composters, and will hopefully succeed soon.

    We have been testing seeds in the store, but I hope to have a solid line available in the near future. I currently only have a few that I would feel confident in selling.

    We would love to meet our neighbors, and talk about the future of our food supply. Feel free to come down and chat for a while-

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