What Is This Mutation In My Garden?

Okay, all I know is that this curiosity is growing in/on/out of one of my yellow squash blossoms. Can anybody identify for me? Do I need to call a HAZMAT team?

A typical squash blossom would have the flower on top and then the young fruit emerging from the bottom of the blossom. In this freak of nature, there’s what appears to be a yellow fruit appearing from the bottom; but then we also have this monstrosity bubbling up from the center of the flower. Is it like an inside-out squashling that is growing its seeds on the outside? Tangled in yellow stamens? Is this the mythical SQUASH TERATOMA??


5 responses to “What Is This Mutation In My Garden?

  1. LOL – what kind of fertilizer did you use???? 🙂 Whatever it is, you will have to post more pics of what it turns into!

  2. OMG, that is disgusting. It looks like a flower that was pollinated but the seeds began to form on the outside of the fruit? LOL.

  3. I see an entirely new blog dedicated to repulsive freaks of a vegetable nature. Are you up for it? Let’s put the call out… I can’t be the only one.

  4. I had the same mutation in a zucchini squash–two on the vine now. Can you tell me what happened with yours?

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