Stupice Tomatoes and How I Picked Them

I arrived home from Portland, OR last night to find this beautiful crop of tomatoes all lined up on my living room floor. No, that’s a lie. I put them there just now for dramatic effect:

These are heirloom Stupice tomatoes that I started from seeds purchased from Seed Savers Exchange (where Prez Obama visited last week, I might add). They are early, prolific, consistent and highly flavorful. For an excellent article about picking vegetable varieties, including Stupice, check out Growing Taste. Those folks do the research and taste tests to take the guess work out of which plants to choose.

Some of the tomatoes I picked had cracks or splits in the skin. So, I found this helpful description about tomato splitting over at the Veggie Gardener blog. With the intense heat on the rooftop it can be tricky to provide consistent watering, but I’m getting the hang of the micro-irrigation and I’m on my second battery operated hose timer. Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, I should mention I haven’t used ANY pesticide this year. Fingers crossed.

Lessons for next year… although, not exhaustive of all lessons I’ve learned:

  • Better arrangement of Earthboxes and irrigation drippers from early on in the season = consistent irrigation and less back pain.
  • More plant variety = fewer eggplants. We’ve tried every eggplant dish save for babaganouj and moussaka. Who knew they’d be so productive.
  • Later transplanting = fewer heartaches.
  • Cool it on the eggplant!

4 responses to “Stupice Tomatoes and How I Picked Them

  1. The best timer is made by Claber. Love them.

  2. I have had my Claber timers for years. Takes a simply 9 volt battery and it lasts an entire season. I remove the batteries at the end of the season and I put a new one in each year. I recall purchasing them at specialty garden centers, but cannot recall the names. I would imagine most of the good garden centers carry Claber products. They are bright orange and black. It is an Italian company.

    This is my favorite timer model –
    Easily programmed to turn water on and off automatically. It takes just seconds to select from any of 15 pre-set timer settings.
    Patented circuitry is sealed and watertight to prevent moisture damage to electronic parts. Washable sponge filter traps harmful contaminants that could clog or damage valves in the timer.

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