Freaky Fruits & Vegetables Part 2

Actually, these aren’t so much “freaky” as “differently developed”.  They’re just an unexpected surprise when you happen upon them in the garden. Came across these cute little twins today:

Linda at calles them “Kissing ‘maters”. These fruits are pretty small, about the size of standard cherry tomatoes. The twins appear to share a single calyx (the green leafy star at the top of a tomato fruit).

In other news I’ve seen two late season tomato hornworms… boooooo.

3 responses to “Freaky Fruits & Vegetables Part 2

  1. Those are good luck ‘maters. Or Kissing ‘maters! Love them so much. If you want me to do an article about your rooftop garden, send me a story, photos or video and URL links! Check out my new series “Real People with Rooftop Gardens”, it is fun. Love to feature Chicago too!

    • Thanks for the offer, Linda! I sure wish I had an aerial photo like some of this amazing roofs on your site. I’ll pull some materials together.
      In the meantime, I made a quick edit to that post so I could add your “kissing ‘maters” and a link to your site.

  2. omg, how sweet of you. Do not even think about aerial or anything fancy. Just your real photos are good enough. I hope it brings you traffic as we will link your story back to your site. It will be fun!! It can be any kind of photos. Please do not do anything crazy to get an aerial photo. (hehe), it is not worth it!! Those rooftop gardens are so hard to photograph. You really need the right conditions. Maybe you are on Google earth!!! Bye for now and thanks!

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