Enoch’s Damn Doughnuts!

It may be a stretch trying to tie in doughnuts to a nature and gardening blog, but here goes:

Wicker Park+Asrai Garden+Enoch’s Doughnuts

See, the word “garden” is in there!

If you’ve never been to Asrai Garden, you ought to pop in next time you need a little something. The small florist on North Ave. in Wicker Park carries non-standard options for floral arrangements as well as stand-out handmade & unusual gifts. Mossy terrariums, fiber art from New York, candles that make you go “whoah”, & other odd little thingies.

But get this- in a few weeks they will be hosting the pop-up shop of Enoch’s Doughnuts. Enoch’s don’t look or taste like other doughnuts in the schoolyard. They run with scissors. They sniff glue. They kick dirt at bullies. And they are perfect just the way they are.

I’m shocked at what Enoch does with sweet potatoes and blueberries. There ought to be a law against these things so we can all break it frequently.

photo courtesy of Enoch's Doughnuts

Asrai didn’t have an exact date of doughnut availability, but if you follow Enoch’s new Facebook page, I’m sure he’ll make an announcement soon. It appears he’s popping up in various places around town. Now I don’t know this Enoch guy, but his doughnuts are about to kick our asses and we all had it coming.

Enoch with his tray full of sin

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