Chicago, Is It Safe To Plant Yet?

The 10-day forecast is looking pretty decent Chicago (zones 5-6), save for tomorrow’s night time temp in the mid-40s. Dare I risk making a predication that we’ll be in the safe planting zone starting the end of this week? I don’t foresee frost being an issue, but many varieties of warm weather veggies don’t like cold nighttime temps- unlike leafy greens which thrive under cooler conditions.  So if you’re thinking spinach and lettuce, the 80’s we’re receiving this week is not a good seeding climate. Everything else, however might just be in the clear. But don’t take my word for it, I don’t want anybody knocking on my door with shriveled or stunted seedlings if we have a midwest surprise! Start the conversation here… what are you planting and when?

3 responses to “Chicago, Is It Safe To Plant Yet?

  1. I don’t really have a rooftop or deck to garden in, but do you have any tips for windowsill setups? I get good sun from sunrise til about 1 pm

    • This link below has a list of partial-sun veggies, although it’s not exhaustive of possibilities. You’d probably have success with green onions, hardy strawberries, and even some varieties of tomatoes. Leafy greens, virtually all herbs, and small varieties of hot pepper plants would look awesome in a windowsill box. You’re getting sun in the best part of the day anyway- mid-day sun can be scorching for many veggies. If you decide to plant a windowsill garden I’d love to see photos after it gets established… could be really helpful for other Chicagoans to see what works well in our limited spaces. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for the link! and I’ll let you know if I do any windowsill projects

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