Here’s What’s Growing On The Roof 6/4/12

Several year old cutting of a cactus that grows on the east end of Molokai Hawaii, unknown species.

Strawberries cohabiting with native prickly pear.

My new ladybug & butterfly attractors: Yarrow (foreground), Monarda (background)

EarthBoxes containing two species of bok choi, dward hubbard squash, and shishito peppers

Earthboxes containing two species of eggplant, cantaloupe, and lemon cucumbers

Earthbox (foreground) with the mystery flowers that I did not plant but I’m happy to have visiting. SIPs in the background are a catch-all for leftover seeds and seedlings: green beans, Atkinson tomato, shishito pepper, and cantaloupe plus some annual flowers for the bugs.

Several days ago I mentioned on Facebook that this batch of compost started off as an anaerobic stinky sludge. By adding a bunch of peat to absorb excess moisture and turning it frequently to introduce oxygen, it went aerobic in a matter of 3 days. The foul odor is completely gone and it now smells like a healthy batch of quickly cooking compost. And it’s steaming too!

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