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UPDATE: Wicker Rooftop Is Now “Province”

It’s been a couple years since I announced that I’d be shutting down the Wicker Rooftop blog to focus on my new venture. But because my old posts are still generating emails and comments, I wanted to come back one last time.

I still occasionally receive gardening event invitations—and they’re very much appreciated—but I no longer live in Chicago. In early 2015 I moved to Los Angeles and began blogging about my new urban-outdoors experience on my blog

If you’ve never visited Los Angeles, you might be surprised to learn that it has less urban sprawl than many major U.S. cities. Though it’s the second largest city in the country, it has a great deal of flora and fauna both in and outside of its urban center. And a great many people working to protect that. Really nice people.

I’m in the process of looking for a house that has even more outdoor space than when I lived in Chicago. Also surprising to many, Los Angeles homes have yards. We don’t have condos, townhouses, and residential skyscrapers like Chicago. In fact, Los Angeles has far fewer tall buildings downtown than Chicago. That creates a challenge for the future of L.A. Creating new sustainable housing developments that accommodate demand but doesn’t add to the sprawl.

But as a country kid living in the city, I still need my backyard. No more condo rooftop gardening for me. L.A. is a chance to have dirt under my feet, a few backyard chickens, and maybe even a beehive. It turns out L.A. is very poultry friendly and most days I can hear roosters in my neighborhood.

If you’d like to see that process unfold, please visit In addition to indoor/outdoor gardening, I’ll be blogging about my California explorations, like this recent road trip from Los Angeles to the country mountain town of Mammoth. I’ll also be adding a vegetarian recipe section and a shop selling vintage and handmade home & garden items.

Thanks for visiting Wicker Rooftop….and now Province!


I’m Coming Down From The Roof. Back in _______.

It’s been a year and a half since I started the Wicker Rooftop blog but it’s time to take a hiatus. The garden will keep growing up there (once again I have more eggplant and Shishito peppers than I can handle), but down here I’ll be devoting my writing energies to a large new project.

I’ve never blogged much about my personal life outside of the garden, but in addition to this blog I’m a freelance writer in psychology and personal development. I also write a regular blog for Psychology Today and maintain a private practice.

My new project requires a great deal of research and focus, so Wicker Rooftop is one of my pet projects that I’ll have to set aside for awhile. I may make occasional quick updates on Facebook, so you’re welcome to follow along. Also, my latest Summer 2012 rooftop garden photos are posted at Your Garden Show.

It’s been great chatting with so many of you! Happy gardening and, if you’d like to stick around, I’ll be back in_______.

My First Year On The Rooftop

When I started this blog a year ago, I had no idea if anybody would see it other than the family members I could guilt into stopping by. Well, WordPress just sent a performance report and it turns out I had 3000 views in 2011. There have been a few disasters and a few successes, but I’m up for another year. Thanks for joining me everybody!



Hoya Hoya Hoya… Merry Christmas

My hoya, clearly angry that I didn't hang any stockings by the chimney this Christmas, has taken matters into it's own stems.

When Winter Sets In…

With winter setting in I’m finding myself posting more frequent updates on the Wicker Rooftop Facebook page than on the blog.  If you’re a blog subscriber, please Like Wicker Rooftop.


Choosing Safer Sunscreens for Gardening

The Environmental Working Group has released their recommendations and warnings for sun screen use. Brands to buy and brands to avoid. Lots of info on their site.

Some of the safest products are reportedly made by Aubrey, Badger, and Kiss My Face. Some of the worst rated products came from brands like Revlon, Neutrogena, Walgreens, CVS, and Hawaiian Tropic.

Are you still using coconut scented Coppertone? It may be time to upgrade. Check out your favorite brand’s EWG rating.

“Seedlings” for 3/18/11 (What to do in Chicagoland)

Good afternoon and happy Friday everyone! Here’s what’s garden-happenin’ in and around Chicago:

  • Tomorrow’s the final day of the Family Farmed Expo at UIC. It’s the big family fun day with lots of activities, giveaways, demonstrations and exhibits. Online special ticket prices end tonight at 6pm. After that tickets on sale at the door at regular price. (TIP: register at the Family Farmed table for a chance to win a year’s worth of Nature’s Path cereal.)
  • Head over to Whole Foods before March 23rd to vote for your favorite Chicago community garden project. Winner receives $25,000! More info at ChicagoNow.
  • Urban Gardens is giving a way a fancy Lechuza self-irrigation planter in their think outside the planter box photo contest. The contest page also has some amazing photos/ideas for unique planters. You’ll be surprised what people come up with! Enter by May 16th.
  • Did you vote for One Seed Chicago yet? All voters win a free pack of seeds just for voting for your favorite veggie. Veggie of the year will be announced April 30th at the Green & Growing Fair at the Garfield Park Conservatory.
  • Speaking of the Conservatory- this weather makes the perfect time to go check out thir Spring Flower Show. Open until 5pm all weekend.
  • All this talk about urban gardening and locally sourced food got me thinking about heading out to a local restaurant that upholds these ideals. Have you tried Rick Bayless’s XOCO yet? It is a LEED Gold certified construction, quick-service cafe, next to the famed Topolobampo. Rick is known for his rooftop and home gardening where he sources many of his restaurants’ vegetables. Try XOCO’s amazing hot chocolate and their mushroom tortas. Open till 10pm tonight and tomorrow.

Now on Twitter

A Wicker Rooftop is now on Twitter. Follow: @wickerrooftop

Chicago Event Reminder For This Weekend – Ending soon! just posted this note on Facebook:

“Reminder: Ticket sales for tomorrow’s Expo events (read: discounted online sales!) end at 6pm today.”

Online ticket purchase for Saturday’s expo are on sale until Friday at 6pm. Head over to to purchase them online.

Family Farmed Expo This Weekend

This weekend is the Family Farmed Expo at University of Illinois Chicago. Discounted tickets can be pre-purchased on their site- several price levels depending which events you want to attend.

The Expo will feature celebrity chefs with cooking demonstrations, workshops, food festival, exhibitors, kids area, food policy summit, farm-to-fork conference, trade show, Localicious party, and more. More on their site.