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“Real” Rainbow Roses

Have you been to Home Depot lately and come across those bright blue phalaenopsis orchids? They are but aren’t real. They are live plants that are grown in a special medium that magically infuses the blooms with bright blue. Ok, I’m not a fan. They look like blue Kool-Aid.

BUT, I have to say the new rainbow roses (or happy roses) caught my attention when I saw them on Kuriositas. They certainly don’t look natural but they pique curiosity and remind me of those color-changing horses from the Wizard of Oz. Like the Blue Mystique orchids, the rainbow roses are altered. This time by injecting plant dyes into the live plants. I’ll take a good old fashioned unruly rose bush over a bouquet of rainbow roses any day, but their photos sure are neat to look at:

Image Credit Flickr User INTVGene