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Indoor Winter Projects With Succulents and Tropicals

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Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, houseplants in America were at a peak of popularity. The 1980’s reigned in the “me generation” that didn’t have time for living things. Dusty plastic ficus replaced macrame hangers and avocado trees. In the 1990’s … Continue reading

The Windy City Lives Up To Its Name

That’s the doorway to my rooftop. There used to be a door there. Until a particularly strong gust of wind wrenched the hinges from their flimsy frame yesterday. After an hour of chiseling out the splinters from the hole, its ready for its makeover. Thank you, condo contractors, for thinking of that hydraulic damper, or doorstop, or reinforced frame, OR SOMETHING!!

Okay, that feels better. Planting postponed until tomorrow. And hopefully some “after” pics of this door mess. Unless it looks terrible, in which case I will conveniently forget an update. Off to Home Depot….