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I’m Coming Down From The Roof. Back in _______.

It’s been a year and a half since I started the Wicker Rooftop blog but it’s time to take a hiatus. The garden will keep growing up there (once again I have more eggplant and Shishito peppers than I can handle), but down here I’ll be devoting my writing energies to a large new project.

I’ve never blogged much about my personal life outside of the garden, but in addition to this blog I’m a freelance writer in psychology and personal development. I also write a regular blog for Psychology Today and maintain a private practice.

My new project requires a great deal of research and focus, so Wicker Rooftop is one of my pet projects that I’ll have to set aside for awhile. I may make¬†occasional¬†quick updates on Facebook, so you’re welcome to follow along. Also, my latest Summer 2012 rooftop garden photos are posted at Your Garden Show.

It’s been great chatting with so many of you! Happy gardening and, if you’d like to stick around, I’ll be back in_______.