We moved to Chicago (by way of Detroit and Portland) in December 2010. Our choice of condo was primarily influenced by the desire to be within a great community and in a building with a generous rooftop deck. Our new place in the heart of Wicker Park fits the bill, with space for gardening and a view of the city skyline (and the people peeing behind Jewel-Osco’s loading dock).

In Detroit my garden was challenged by very poor soil but now I have the challenge of no soil whatsoever. So, I’m 100% container gardening as long as my roof can hold the weight. If I stop posting for an extended period it’s because my roof couldn’t actually hold the weight and I’m quite embarrassed about what I’ve done to our building. Or dead.

Wicker Rooftop is about all of that and ways city dwellers can connect with nature- in and around Chicago and the Great Lakes.

Inside the house I’m a phone-based personal development coach/consultant who helps creative folks get stuff done in their lives. I’m also a freelance writer and blog for Psychology Today.

Reach me at wickerrooftop@gmail.com